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Suite 305 - Queens Dock Business Centre

67-83 Norfolk St


L1 0BG

​It is with great pride that I have been awarded Fellowship by the Institute of Employability. Since entering the sector I have been a huge
proponent of what professionals within our sector do every single day, having meaningful impact on clients who access services but also the knock on positive
effect that this has across their family, community and wider geography.

I have been so fortunate to work, lead and latterly consult within this sector, seeing first hand colleagues and team members live, breathe
and deliver on the values this sector imbues. I will never not champion what professionals within employability, welfare to work and advice and guidance do.
I will continue to work with providers and professionals across the sector to deliver the most innovative, rewarding and effective interventions and
programmes that make meaningful differences to service users every day. The need for our sector to step up, and like Atlas from Greek mythology, take the
burden of the world on its shoulders and provide guidance, opportunity and hope has never been so important. As a Fellow of the Institute I will be in the vanguard of the coming challenge. My business Coyne Recruitment will continue to position itself to work with providers to further professionalise the sector, to consult on attracting and retaining the talent needed, to offer training and accreditation, support service delivery and design and be a catalyst to
cooperation across the sector.

There are so many people I want to thank and who have been important in my journey in this sector. My former colleagues from Ingues UK who
broke performance records and built a bastion of quality unrivalled at the time in our delivery. I want to thank Scott Parkin for his passion and drive around
the IEP and enthusing me in wanting to become a fellow of this great institute. I want to thank the wide range of employers within the sector and the amazing
candidates I speak to on a daily basis -your passion for the sector makes me want to never leave this profession. Lastly, I want to thank my business partners Andrew and Dan, who with me will continue deliver on my promise above as a Fellow of the Institute of Employability to drive forward our sector.

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