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Suite 305 - Queens Dock Business Centre

67-83 Norfolk St


L1 0BG

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Head of Sales

Head of Sales

This is a senior role in our clients business, responsible for the operational implementation of their business development plan to grow on learner numbers by a further 1000 by December 2025.

In particular, you will be responsible for ensuring that:

  • individual and team-wide activity is of the right volume and quality to deliver planned profile of starts generated by the business development team
  • team members consistently work in line with agreed processes and in accordance with the clients values
  • team members effectively build strong, consultative relationships with current and future partner-employers and, as a consequence, grow apprentice numbers with those employers
  • efficiently maintain relationships with small accounts and grow the overall number of client partner-employers.
  • the client fills planned apprentice cohorts.

You will manage our clients team of business development managers and executives and will be responsible for performance (including performance support/improvement) and recruitment. You will have budgetary responsibility for training and other costs

You will undertake business development of your own. However, targets will be based significantly on team performance and the expectation is that most business development will be undertaken through your team, with your support where appropriate.

As a member of the senior management team, you will work closely with our other divisional managers, members of the board and marketing department, as well as other internal and external stakeholders

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